RICHA Cyclone Gore-Tex Lady waterproof textiles

RICHA Cyclone Gore-Tex Lady waterproof textiles

Living in Wales, one has to accept that if you want to cover any decent miles on your motorcycle, you must be prepared to experience all weather in a single day. Especially when it comes to rain and wind. 

Finding the waterproofs that are, well, waterproof enough for a serious downpour can be a challenge. Most of them will withstand a gentle rain but I am talking about a proper Welsh downpour. The really wet rain. The one that sneaks up your trousers and under the jacket and leaves you with a wet belly. The one that breaks through the materials and you dismount your motorcycle with an unpleasant wet patch in your crotch area. The one that trickles up your gloves and into your sleeve. 

The Cyclone GORE-TEX Richa Lady Jacket and Trousers is a four-season textile set that is waterproof and breathable. This means that it keeps the rain out and it doesn’t give you that feeling of ‘am I wet from the rain or just feeling sweaty’ like some of the non-breathable clothing do. 

The first thing I noticed about the jacket and trousers is the overall quality and the sturdiness of the zips and the poppers. The inner liner, which is detachable, is finished to a high level and it certainly kept me warm on those winter rides. The jacket comes with the usual body armour (shoulders, elbows) as well as a back protector. There are plenty of adjusters to fit around your body, which is important to us ladies, who don’t want to look like we are wearing an oversized bag. Two adjustments on the arms and one on each side of the waist. There are zips on each side at the bottom of the jacket to loosen it up around the bum area if required when sitting on the bike. Ventilation zips on the shoulders and the back make this a very versatile jacket for all seasons providing plenty of ventilation in the summer months. Overall I find the sizing to be generous and I had to downsize from my usual choice. It still feels a little bit on a big side but it does allow to layer up if needed without compromising the comfort. 

The trousers have the knee protectors and an anti-slip layer on the bum area to stop you from sliding on the seat in the wet. There are velcro adjustments in the waist area to ensure a snug fit, with a zipper that goes all the way around and connects to the jacket. The trousers sizing seems to be the opposite to the jacket where I’ve found my usual size to be quite snug with the thermal layer in place. Once the thermal layer is removed the trousers fit perfectly. The bottom of the trousers are a bit tricky to fit over my riding boots, struggling to close over the shin padding of the boot. 

I have worn the jacket and trousers for a few months and of course, for once I was hoping to get caught in a proper downpour but no such luck. However, I have had the opportunity to test them a couple of times in proper Welsh rain, you know, the really wet rain. Both times a journey of around 40 miles and I am happy to report I have arrived at my destination completely dry under the Richa outfit.

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