Day 10 of “the last day in Slovenia” tour of Europe

Last day in Slovenia saw me riding to the Alps to stay with a friend and have a beer with her.

Day 8 of “discovering Slovenia” tour of Europe

Ducati had a quick once over at the dealer’s and I took a ride to lake Jezersko.

Day 6 of “I bloody well made it to sLOVEnia” tour of Europe

Do you ever wake up feeling completely numb and no thoughts in your head at all? The sun was streaming into the room through the gap in the curtains. I … Continue reading Day 6 of “I bloody well made it to sLOVEnia” tour of Europe

Day 5 of “The real Du-cat-i” tour of Europe

You know you are fairly rural when you wake up to the sound of cow mooing and the smell of a cow shit. That’s where I am at my happiest. … Continue reading Day 5 of “The real Du-cat-i” tour of Europe

Day 4 of “a village with no pub” tour of Europe

Day 4 saw me mostly going fast on German motorways but also exploring some of the vineyards and searching for a pub.

Day 3 of “Ducati arrives to Eifel National Park” tour of Europe

A day at the Eifel National Park made my Ducati glide around corners like hot knife through butter.

Day 2 of “How far around Europe will my Ducati take me” tour

Longest mileage of the whole trip, the most anxious day of all but loved all of it. Except for the breakfast!

The Ace Cafe London

This weekend is a wash out and I am spending it at home resting, planning and strategising future work and fun projects as well as catching up on everything else. … Continue reading The Ace Cafe London

A short braap

It’s another bank holiday in the UK. That’s good and bad. It’s good because, well doh, an extra day off! But not so good when you have your own business … Continue reading A short braap

My Birthday Braap

Yesterday was my birthday. It was an odd one this year. Usually, the week before my birthday is the best week of the year. Everything goes my way, I feel … Continue reading My Birthday Braap

The Famous Welsh Dragon

It’s true, Wales is well known for its dragons and dragon stories, this is nothing new or unusual. But what is unusual is that a modern day dragon made the … Continue reading The Famous Welsh Dragon

A Sunrise Adventure

And so it’s the end of rather epic Easter weekend here in the UK. Four days of sunshine, warm temperatures and no real plan for me. All I wanted to … Continue reading A Sunrise Adventure