Day 9 of “my hometown Ljubljana” tour of Europe

Day 9 of “my hometown Ljubljana” tour of Europe

I’m starting to develop a bit of a routine already. Get up, have coffee, breakfast in the sun, visit dad then an afternoon of something new.

The care home visit today was eventful. We sat down for lunch and I wore a vest top. Dad was to my left and a lady to my right. I have a tattoo on my back that goes up my right arm and you can just see the end of it. She did not like it. She touched me with her hand in a movement as if she’s trying to wipe it off. I turned around as I didn’t see her do it just felt her hand on me. She tutted. Then got up and walked to the other side of the table shouting at me: “I know your kind! You are no good! I know your kind!”

I wanted to laugh but knew that would have probably made her even more angry so I just smiled and ignored her. The nurses came over to calm her down and apologised but really, there wasn’t anything to apologise for. The lady was clearly reliving something from her past and reacted to seeing my tattoo. I’d be a fool to get offended by that. It really didn’t bother me and I understood. Still wanted to laugh, though.

Dad was quite chatty while I fed him and he’s been telling me that Maja came to visit him. That made me very happy and real or not, I think he did recognise me on Thursday and I’m taking that with me.

After visiting dad I stopped at his old home where his girlfriend now lives and had my lunch with her. We chatted about lots of things and it was nice to see her and she spoilt me with a yummy home cooked meal.

Mum and I planned to walk up a hill on the outskirts of Ljubljana called Šmarna Gora. It isn’t very high, 664 meters above sea level, but it does have quite a steep incline. It takes from 30 min to just under an hour’s walk to get to the top and it will leave you pleasantly out of breath. Depending on the route you take and your level of fitness, of course. Many locals do this several times a week or even daily to keep fit in all seasons. There is a proper restaurant at the top that is open all year around, and a church that is worth visiting if only for its architecture. They offer cooked food but you can also just use the outdoor cafe for a snack and a beer.

Mum recently had a new hip but she was like a mountain goat up that hill!

The storm was closing in and you could see it over the city but we got away with it, not a drop of rain and the storm has passed by the time we’ve returned to the city.

At the top we had a drink. A beer for me and a cup of tea (with schnapps) for mum.

Beer with a view

After we returned to the house and had a quick shower we decided to eat out and we strolled into the old town, following the river all the way and admiring the beautiful buildings in the old town.

This is where I used to go to school. I mean, where I used to hang out while I was meant to be at school… In the bars, of course. Drinking coffee in the daytime while skipping school and vodka at night. But sometimes we started early on the vodka, too.

The old town has been restored, renovated and cared for in the last 10 years and it’s really looking its best. They have pedestrianised the whole area and all the cafes and restaurants have tables outside by the river. It is lovely to just stroll through the cobbled streets, cross the many bridges, stop for a drink here and an ice cream there. Everyone loves it, child and dog friendly, everyone is very welcoming.

We decided to eat at the Zlata Ribica (goldfish) restaurant where the service was exceptional, the food worthy of a Michelin star and the wine chosen an absolute perfection.

After the dinner we walked over to the other side of the river for an ice cream treat before the walk home.

Not a bad way to spend the last night in Ljubljana. Tomorrow, I move on.

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