Day 14 of “The Ace Cafe Luzern and a Sauna Faux-Pas” tour of Europe

Day 14 of “The Ace Cafe Luzern and a Sauna Faux-Pas” tour of Europe

It was lovely to wake up in an apartment. I felt all grown up. And even better in an apartment with a coffee machine. Definitely winning. I even had room to do some yoga. I drank coffee on the balcony and watched the village waking up and the sun getting stronger.

Morning coffee on the balcony

After I’ve checked out I set off to ride over Furka Pass to Luzern and visit the Ace Cafe there. I was feeling ok but knew I would have loved a day off just resting and not doing very much. However, I also felt under pressure now to make the miles and get to Calais by Saturday and I didn’t want a long day of motorways to end the trip with.

The roads were already busy with loads of bikers and cars. I was stuck behind two cars going slow around the bends but with no opportunities to overtake them. Or at least not opportunities I wanted to take. Then suddenly I heard the bike engines flying past me which startled me. I realised I was tired because I wasn’t paying attention to what’s happening behind me but was focused on the car in front and just followed.

As the bikes sped off ahead of me I shook my head and refocused. There was a steady bend to the left with an empty road ahead and no traffic so I went to overtake the two slow cars. I pulled out to the left and opened the throttle and as I was side by side with the second car, the driver decided to overtake the car in front, too. He pulled out to the left and I sounded the horn. This made him jump and pull back to his lane to let me pass. And this made my heart rate jump, too! I carried on for a short while on the twisty road and came to a tunnel. At the end I spotted a small lay by and decided to stop there.

I parked the bike and stood there for a minute. That were two instances that shook me up and I was starting to dread the ride up the Furka Pass, knowing it’ll be challenging and that I wasn’t at my best for such a day. So I’ve made a grown up decision to give it a miss and reroute directly to Luzern. The Pass will still be there next time I come back and it wasn’t worth the risk.

A pit stop to refocus and reroute.

The road to the motorway was still lots of fun with switchbacks and tunnels and amazing views.

Swiss Alps, river and roads.

Once I have joined the motorway I felt calmer and happy with my decision. I have learnt to know when and how far to push myself and I was quite keen on coming home in one piece and with Bella still running and looking her best.

As usual, I made sure I took plenty of breaks for water and to stretch my legs. On one of the services I found this pieces of art I thought were quite cool.

Having visited the Ace Cafe in London I was somewhat surprised to see the one in Luzerne was located on a business/industrial estate. A brand new building that was very different from the London one. Of course, it’s not the original and I am not sure what I was expecting. More bikes, I guess? It was lunchtime and I was one of the first guests. My order was simple, a burger and chips, of course. I sat and watched people arrive for lunches. Mostly local business people and employees just using the place as a convenient lunch meeting place.

It was a hot day and the table I sat at was in the shade when I arrived but the sun moved quickly and by the time I’ve finished the lunch I was roasting with the sun beaming down on me. I decided to move indoors and also check out the merch for a t-shirt and a sticker.

My destination for the day was a hotel in the Black Forest in Germany and between the Ace Cafe and the hotel were just miles of motorways. A very busy motorway.

It was such a difference to witness the behaviour of the cars on the motorway when traffic came to a stop. The cars in the left lane all moved as far left as they could and the cars in the right lane moved as far right as possible to allow room in the middle for any emergency services that may be required. This, of course, meant freedom for the bikes, too! I kept looking behind me to make sure I wasn’t followed by a blue light vehicles, just in case. I rolled my eyes when I came to a motorhome that was in the left lane but sitting on the line to the right, breaking up the middle run. As I passed it I snorted. British numberplate. Haha!

By the time I’ve arrived to the hotel I was very tired. I checked in and shared the lift with two young men that were there for a conference. They talked about their work and what the conference was about and how bored they were (it was about insurance!) but had to stay for another couple of days. Their rooms were on the same floor as mine and we chatted for a short while longer.

As soon as I was in my room I phoned to book a massage at the hotel’s beauty salon to relive my sore back but I’ve missed the opening time by 20 minutes. Instead I went to the swimming pool and sauna instead. The day was still warm and after a swim I sat outside on a lounger drying off and relaxing.

There was no-one around as most were probably getting ready for dinner so I enjoyed the peace and quiet. A few minutes in the sauna and another swim and I headed back to the room. As I came out of the sauna I spotted a sign to say it is a nude sauna! I think I’ve been living in Britain for too long. Of course, that’s how you use sauna, not in a bikini. Luckily there was only me so I didn’t feel too bad.

Oops, a sauna faux pas!

After the swim and sauna I went back to my room for a shower and just sat on the bed in a dressing gown. I was hungry but too lazy to get dressed and get dinner so I decided to stay in the room and have an early night.

At around 9.30 pm there was a knock on the door. At first I thought it was next door but I checked anyway and the two young men from the lift were standing there asking if I wanted to join them for a drink. Sweet, but no thanks. There was nothing and noone that would be able to convince me to get dressed and leave my room that night. Ok, maybe Robert Downey Jr or Jason Statham but that was unlikely to happen that night.

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