Blood Bikes

Blood Bikes

Today I am on call with the Blood Bikes. I have completed the usual morning route and am now drying off in the office and on call until 8.00 pm.

It was a very wet start to the day and I made sure I wore plenty of layers as the temperature was showing only 6 degrees Celsius.

We have a regular morning route where we pick up blood samples from GP surgeries and deliver them to the Wrexham Maelor hospital pathology lab. The run took longer this morning due to the weather and idiot drivers but luckily no incidents. I arrived in the office at around 11.00 am and took off my layers and spread the clothing around the room to dry out.

After finishing the normal route I stay on call until 8 pm in case of any emergencies.

Blood Bikes is a charity that is ran completely by volunteers giving support in various roles from riders to controllers, area managers, fundraisers and other roles as required.

You can find out more about the charity at or the national site at

Currently, I am the only female rider in the North Wales which piqued some interest by a few publications as well as ITV Wales Newsroom that ended up following me one morning and put together a nice news article. You can view it here but it is only a recording on a phone off a tv so not the best quality.

The blood bikers are a great group of people and of course, the charity supports the NHS, which we all know is bursting at the seams and needs all the help it can get.

Last year I organised a bikini walk up a Welsh mountain in December. It was a bit cold but we had a great turn out and over £2,000 was raised for the charity. A great effort by all and well worth it as it has spread the word about the charity plus we all had a good laugh.

I love the fact that I can fit the charity work with my daily office work and of course, I get to do it on two wheels. It really is a no-brainer 🙂

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