You. Your Bike. Freedom.

Spring is almost here and our bikes are starting to wake up. We take the covers off, check for any corrosion, start the engine and the sound of the exhausts make our hairs stand up with anticipation.

For some, this is an exciting time at the start of the season. For some, however, the anxiety sets in – “Will I still remember how to ride after the winter months of hibernation?” Perhaps some haven’t been riding all that long before the winter and now feel like a newbie.

We all go through this but it seems women are more vocal about it and we look at the men thinking they know it all. We don’t like to ask questions for fear of looking silly or we just don’t know what to ask. My favourite saying is “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

We believe that women learn in a different way and need a friendly environment to build their confidence. This will help you become a better, safer rider and get more enjoyment out of it.

By having a one-to-one day with an experienced rider, someone to articulate your fears to, who will listen and encourage you will help you progress faster. This will help you get read of your fears and make you think in a different way to produce the desired result.

Maja runs a ‘Confident Woman Rider Day’ on one-on-one basis which means you are in control of the pace of the day. First meeting is on the day before for dinner where you have the opportunity to discuss any specific issues you want to work on, get to know each other and make a plan for the next day.

The day will consist of helping you improve your skills and address any anxieties that may show up plus, of course, miles of riding in beautiful North Wales admiring the landscape and stopping for photos and plenty of breaks for photos and cake.

The full package for the day is £295 to include dinner, bed and breakfast. This does not include the usual expenses such as fuel, insurance, breakdown and any other food and drinks on the day.

To enquire about the dates email Maja or set up a video call so you can speak to her ‘face to face’ before booking.