Who the heck is Maja

Maja is an adventurer by heart. As a teenager she was always eager to discover new places and used every opportunity to travel, even if only a weekend trip away.

Growing up in Yugoslavia meant that leaving the country wasn’t easy so during the early teenage years she often hitched a lift to the Croatian coast with her friends and a tent, spent the weekend there and returned back to Ljubljana for school on a Monday.

At the age of 17 she hitchhiked with a female friend from Ljubljana all the way to Copenhagen in two days and two lifts! They then spent a month in Scandinavia hitching lifts to Stockholm, a ferry to Helsinki and back across Sweden to Norway, visited Bergen, the most western point in Norway before returning back home, again, by hitching a lift.

When she was 18, she set off from Ljubljana to Barcelona with her boyfriend at the time on their pushbikes. They cycled across north Italy, diverted to Pisa and La Spezia to take in the beautiful Cinque Terre coast, continued on the south cost of France, cycled over the Pyrenees (in an almighty storm!), over to Figueres for some Dali inspired culture and down the coast to Barcelona. Unfortunately, problems with the bank meant they had to return on a plane but a month of cycling across three countries was a lot of fun.

At the age of 20, Maja sat on a plane to London, on her own, to spend a few months there as an au-pair. She used the time to visit Paris, Wales, Cornwall and surrounding areas as well as London itself, met a man and after a two-year return to Slovenia, they both settled in the UK.

When Maja’s son was 2 years old, her and his dad decided to go travelling before Sam was of school age, they quit their jobs and went on a round the world trip, the three of them. With Sam being so young the travel took them to LA, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and back to the UK. After six months of adventure they’ve returned to their home and the jobs that were still waiting for them.

Since then most of the travel were holidays rather than adventures. Back to Slovenia to visit family and other European countries, mostly with her son or her friends.

In 2016 Maja decided she needed a new adventure and passed her motorcycle test in August and bought her first motorcycle. This really lit the fire in her soul, and she is rarely seen off the bike.

2018 saw here on a tour of Wales and a trip to the Isle of Man. Plenty of miles for a newbie. That same year she joined Blood Bikes Wales and become the first female rider in Wrexham where she volunteers as much as she can.  

But it was 2019 that really changed her world. She always dreamt of having a Ducati and in January she took a delivery of a beautiful Supersport S. Part of the dream was always to ride it to Slovenia. With one part of the dream realised she set off to fulfil the second half.

Maja and Bella, the Ducati
Maja and Bella in Bologna Ducati Factory

In July 2019 she set off on her solo trip around Europe. Without a plan as such, she booked the Euro Tunnel train and started her journey on 6th July. The only plan was that she is stopping in Slovenia for a few days and that she is doing a circular route across Europe. The rest just happened as she went along.

Maja rode through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and France.

Her last adventure was in December 2019 in Tasmania where she spent 5 days touring the island on a Triumph Tiger.

2020 hasn’t been great for adventures but she still managed a trip to Switzerland, playing the ‘dodge the Covid restrictions’ rules by riding via Belgium and Germany and avoiding France to stop her from having to quarantine in Switzerland.

Maja’s outlook on life is positive and optimistic and her zest for adventures saw her set up a whole new business as a fallout of the lockdown in early 2020. Since then she’s guided numerous group aroud Wales and even to Slovenia. Her friendly attitude and relaxed approach to tours makes people feel like they’re touring with a friend.

Maja has big plans for the future and is looking forward to meeting you on one of her tours, too 😊