Rebecca Christie (Gloucester)

Yesterday I had the privilege of going on a tour of some of Wales’s fabulous places with Maja. It was a bit touch and go whether it would happen because of the impending Covid lock down, however we were able to go and it was fantastic. Maja had planned several options and each with good view points, coffee stops and fuel stops. The day was wet and wild but we had a blast. Maja was easy to follow and the routes were amazing. One might wonder why you would pay someone to lead you around places you can just go and visit, but I finished the day feeling it was worth every penny. I have ridden in Wales on a number of occasions but went along roads yesterday that I had no idea existed and they were awesome. I am normally the organiser, doer, responsible adult in all areas of my life and for me to be able to switch off all of that and just enjoy the ride and the scenery was amazing. It was like three months of therapy in one day. I would do it again tomorrow for twice the price. If you want a day of fun, beautiful scenery and excellent company as well as feeling safe and in capable hands then I would highly recommend one of Maja’s tours.