First weekend of tours launched…

…and I’ve survived! Monday has been mostly spent recovering and reliving the wonderful weekend I’ve just had.

On Saturday I joined a twitter group for a ride out and it turned out to be a recce of one of my routes, ‘The Welsh Lakes’ route. Ten bikes in total was more than I would take on a paid trip on my own and I am lucky to have backup for large groups. On this occasion I didn’t mind as I already knew everyone in the group and I knew their riding abilities, their quirks and the fact that most of them know Wales well enough to find us if we did get separated.

The route is 150 miles round trip starting just outside Wrexham and following some B roads to Llyn Brenig for our first stop. A picturesque road over the Denbigh Moors back to the A5 and a lunch stop in Betws where Lara caught up with us. After some banter and look at all the bikes there we set off towards Bala on the ‘best road in Wales’ or at least the favourite amongst most of us – the A4212 to Bala and an ice cream stop plus a digest of the ride to there. But not before a pit stop near Bleanau Ffestiniog to measure everyone’s exhaust dB! Following the fast rode we took on the highest pass in North Wales – Bwlch Y Groes and down to Lake Vyrnwy. Most of us were feeling quite tired by then so a bimble back to Oswestry’s service station before we said our goodbyes.

Then on Sunday the real test came – the first paying customers for the same route. I’m not sure if I was more nervous on Saturday to be leading friends or on Sunday morning, not knowing what to expect in terms of people, riding abilities and general banger.

I didn’t have to worry as everyone was on the same wavelength, we had fab conversations where we stopped and everyone was grinning each time we stopped and took the helmets off. Wales is open for travel and bikers knew that. I have never seen so many police cars in Betws in one day. It was good to see they didn’t just focus on the bikes. We were riding behind a police car stuck behind a very slow driver. At the first opportunity, the lights came on, the driver was pulled and the bikes were free to pass.

We had lunch and continued to Lake Vyrnwy for the last leg of the day. It all came to an end much too soon. The weather was even warmer than on Saturday and new friendships were forged.

Monday was spent reflecting and resting and in amongst it all, a new booking came through for next Saturday. A handful of new enquiries and a chat with a Motorcycle Tour guy in Switzerland to work out a plan for collaboration.

If you haven’t wheeled your bike out to Wales yet, why not join me on Saturday? I’ve modified the route slightly to avoid the part of the A470 that is being resurfaced to Bleanau Ffestiniog and will, instead, take on Llanberis Pass at the foot of Snowdon and a part of the coastal road back to Bala which means skipping Lake Vyrnwy. This might be the case for a while as the road around the lake is getting busier with the walkers, camper vans, cyclist and general traffic on a very narrow road, so high season around there isn’t the best biking route.

Head over to to secure your spot this weekend.

For everyone that liked, shared, commented and emailed their support, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have never expected such response and quite frankly, I am a little bit teary just thinking about it 🙏❤️😘

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  1. Brilliant. What a great start and solid base to build from. Your venture will grow fast for sure and bring about an amazing networking opportunity and lifelong friendships. Imagine getting all that from something you love doing! Good luck 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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