Motorcycle tours in Wales post COVID lockdown

Wales is gearing up to open its borders again. And I can already hear the bike engines revving up with the excitement of riding on the beautiful Welsh roads again.

The hardest bit about the lockdown for me was not being able to go on the motorbike for weeks on end. The one activity that offers a refuge from my own thoughts and my own mind was taken away from me. It was bad enough that my son lives on the other side of the world, but I wasn’t able to see those friends that I consider family, either. In the 25 years of living in the UK I’ve grown used to not seeing my parents and I’ve created a circle of friends I consider family.

No matter what, I know they have my back and that’s a wonderful place to be. I am lucky that some of them are bikers, too. We don’t always have to speak to know we are there for each other. Biking is a lone hobby as much as it a very sociable one. You are on your own when riding, focus and concentration on the road and the task at hand i.e. riding as well as a space to clear your head of any thoughts that don’t serve you. I can almost feel them sliding down my helmet and my back and landing on the ground while Bella and I speed away from them. And when you stop with your friends we speak and catch up and then carry on riding.

I feel happier, lighter and less burdened after a ride as well as pleasantly tired if it was a long day out. I am yet to find a similar activity that will do the same for me. Perhaps the closest to this feeling I’ve found so far is scuba diving but that’s a whole new world and not as easily accessible as having a motorcycle in my garage and Wales on my doorstep.

Through the social media and the common interest of motorcycling I have connected with amazing and inspiring people all over the world. It does not matter whether you are the CEO of a multinational company, broke (well, we all are because it’s not a cheap sport), a parent, have a University degree, identify as a microwave or your skin colour is purple. What matters is that you are kind, considerate, passionate about motorbikes and willing to help others out when needed. That’s my observation of the biking community from the places I’ve visited so far.

In the spirit of connecting more like-minded people as well as several requests of people in the last few years to do so, I have now put together a few day trips in North/Mid Wales to take you on an adventure.

Some dates are open to all and others are exclusive to women and some for those riders that lack in confidence. The groups will be kept small and the purpose of each trip will be different. Some are photography focused so we will ride to picturesque places and take time for everyone to take photos (not a photography course), some are visiting the popular places while some are exploring some of the lesser known B roads and single lane tracks.

Barmouth on a hot summer’s day

In particular I am keen to support those riders that may be new to this lifestyle and want to explore new roads in a safe environment where they can grow their confidence, be inspired, encouraged and use the support of the group on and off the road (via an online group). 

If you would like to know more, do send me an email and keep an eye on this site in the next week for the launch of the Tours Page and available the dates.

16 Replies to “Motorcycle tours in Wales post COVID lockdown”

  1. Hi,
    Sounds interesting, especially the photography one… would like to know details if possible please, dates, price etc..
    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Paul Sykes.

  2. Amazing. I don’t have a bike or know how to ride one but reading this made me feel that I was a rider.

  3. Motorcycling … the perfect introvert activity – spending time together by yourself. I enjoy getting lost in my own headspace and then sitting and chatting over lunch at some cafe sharing stories of the ride or just chatting.
    One day we’ll get to Wales and ride.

      1. Oh and give me a yell when you get back to Oz and I’ll show you some of my backyard.

  4. As a keen motorcyclist and photographer, I found your account inspiring. It must only be motorcyclists who will gladly do a 200 mile round trip for some fish and chips! I’d be interested in knowing were and when you be taking ‘Bella’ on your tours of Wales!

    1. I think you are right about the 200 mile round trip for a chippy tea and some photos! I’ll keep updating this blog with dates and routes and of course, photos of Bella 😊

  5. Had the pleasure of many days riding with Maja.
    Wales, Scotland, Derbyshire etc.
    Anyone else thinking of going on one of Maja’s tours are in for a real treat
    Might try and sneak on one myself

  6. What a fabulous initiative, a great host combined with an amazing country makes for a great day out on two wheels for some very lucky bikers. Good luck Maja 👍🏻

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