Day 6 of “the mesmerising Dornie Castle and Glen Coe” trip to Scotland

I didn’t need any encouragement to get out of bed, pack my stuff and get out of THAT room! Breakfast was ok, nothing special. Perhaps dinner last night seemed so much tastier because of the alcohol but I don’t want to know.

Everyone met outside and it was feeling much colder than the previous days and a little damp on the road. We set off and the cool air was clearing my head and I could feel my waking up properly from the sluggish start. In just over half an hour we’ve arrived to Eilean Donan Castle in Dornie. We parked up and when I finally had a proper look at the castle I was absolutely blown away. The sky was clearing up, the waters around the castle were still and the picture was mesmerising. Deli and I must have taken a few hundred photos between us!

Everyone walked to the cafe for snacks and a drink and I bought a sticker of a Scottish flag to add to Bella’s collection on the screen. By now the weather has improved and I had to strip off the thermal layers as I was overheating!

Delie and I rode over the bridge again to take more photos of the castle and the bikes while the boys waited for us. They were all ready to go as we returned, must have taken too long. But when we parked on the other side there was a man in a Maserati GT Stradale, my dream car. So I was drooling over that for a while and feeling jealous as he’s younger than me too. How dare he! Haha. And there was another guy who clearly had taste as he was talking to the Maserati guy then turned to me and admired Bella and we chatted for a while all about the Italian machines. Of course I couldn’t help but feel smug.

We made a lunch stop near Fort William where we were all a little bit quiet. The realisation that tomorrow is going home day and perhaps a little bit of low energy due to last night’s drinking. Could have been either and most probably both. We refuelled our bodies and carried on.

As we started our journey over Glencoe Valley I started feeling giddy again at the beautiful landscape, the views and the roads. We stayed as a group for most of the time but now and then we had a few peel off and race ahead or more likely, stop for photos than playing catch up. There really isn’t much to say but leave you to enjoy the photos.

Our final destination was Helensborough where we stopped for the last night. Roey entertained us with his x-rated stories to the point where tears were streaming down our faces from laughing so much.

The day was 23rd September and we’ve covered 175 miles.

4 Replies to “Day 6 of “the mesmerising Dornie Castle and Glen Coe” trip to Scotland”

  1. ‘Most probably both’ sounds about right. It was a bit of a flat day however those stories later in the evening certainly picked us up 😳. Great pics especially of Eilean Donan Castle and Glencoe, oh and of course a Bella! 😊

    1. Definitely both! But loved seeing the photos tonight on a dark and rainy Friday evening. Can’t wait for our next year’s adventure again. Wait, there were photos of Bella? 🤔😂

  2. Beautiful scenery and the weather looks to have been fantastic.
    It’s on my ride list for ages but I always see a lot of wet rides posted, great to see that is not always the case 🙂

    1. I believe we were extremely fortunate with the weather, like you, most photos I see are with rain and low cloud. I think it’s magical in any weather and worth visiting even if you do have to actually wear the waterproofs. I will be going back next year 🙂

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