My First Bike

It is only fitting to start this by introducing my very first big bike.

Meet the very stylish Suzuki SV 650 that didn’t like to look like the others. It’s been heavily customised and I used to feel quite smug out on the ride outs when people used to ask what it was.

I loved the look of it, I loved riding it and I loved the feeling of freedom that you experience only when riding a bike. At 650cc it was quite pokey but I found I had to work it hard all the time. Original frame/donor bike was, after all, 18 years old. It was a year 2000 bike and even after it’s been customised it lacked the modern touches. Even simple things like a fuel gauge wasn’t connected.

I had a few issues with it and with hindsight, it wasn’t the best first bike to start building my confidence. However, it was always lots of fun. Once I sat on a newer bike and realised how much easier they are to ride I decided to switch.

After two years of friendship, this one sadly has come to an end. I will always remember and be proud that my first bike was a super-awesome custom job.

My First Bike

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